Here goes nothing…

How’s this for accountability?

There are lots of blogs, sites, Cracked articles, and NYTimes reviews that cover books and movies, so why in the name of all that is good am I doing another one?

One answer. Because I can.

This is completely selfish of me, I promise. I want to read, and my husband wants me to watch movies. If I keep a regular blog, then I will make both myself and the husband happy. So here goes nothing.

I’m not going to promise anything; I am not going to stick to some regular format. The most you can consistently expect from me is that I will look at books as both a reader and a writer. I primarily read fantasy and YA, particularly YA dystopia and alt history, with a healthy supplement of historical fiction and science fiction. In terms of movies, I like comedies, sci fi, fantasy, and documentaries. I try to keep an eye on books-into-movies as well, and if I can, I’ll so a side-by-side comparison. The one important thing you should remember is you are responsible for your own calls on whether or not to read or watch something, not me. You may enjoy many of the same things I do, but sometimes we manage to fall in love with that which defies our general preferences.

And of course, if you have any additional comments, disagreements, arguments, or anything else to say, just leave me a comment and we can have a conversation.

Hobey-ho, here we go.


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